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The perfect peek wallet you have all been waiting for

Available in

Available in

Hand Drawing

Summer 2022 sees the launch of the ultimate peek wallet by Gaz Lawrence.

Made in real leather, this is the underground hit that has received rave reviews from the worlds most renowned mentalists. Fully customizable, which is taught in the instructions.


Only available to the select few up until now, this devastating weapon allows you to read minds under impossible circumstances.


Just watch the full performance videos below!

"Gaz has created an absolute no brainer, just buy it!!" - Pete Turner

"Thanks Gaz, just watched it, it looks absolutely brilliant!" - Steve Faulkner

"The best business card peek wallet I have ever none!" - Stephen Leathwaite

"I love ya man, a truly great magician and an even better friend" - Mark Chandaue

"Simple, direct with an incredibly devious method" - Steve Cook

"I'm being totally honest this is going to be huge, you have a massive winner
on your hands here. I have never seen anything like this before, quite simply brilliant" - Ian Maltby

"I love it, it's a must have, I can't wait for it's release" - Stephen Young

"In my opinion this is the best business card peek I have ever seen, recommended" - Mark Stone


(cost includes UK shipping - worldwide shipping add £5)

Practical, hard hitting magic


The online store for GazLawrence products.

I'm a London based magician and this is my new site to bring you exclusive products,

created and designed by myself.


I have a couple of basic criteria's when producing a product.

It has to be better than anything else I have seen on the market.

And it has to be practical for the working magician.

I hope you love my offerings and enjoy frying some minds!

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